Meet Levi!

We met just a few Mondays ago on the 3rd floor here at the Columbia Arts Building, where he shared with me some of his background and reason for visiting us at [mc].

He said he’s in town for a few weeks and needs a place to work. “Cool!” I thought.

With the Collective having been open for only two weeks, I was surprised to see someone arrive as early as 9am, on a Monday morning, prepared and ready to go!

So who is Levi?

He’s a natural born entrepreneur from the beautiful city of Charleston, SC, who’s smile promotes his radiant and cheerful attitude.

Why are you here in Columbia for a few weeks?

“My wife, family, and I are in town to have our sixth child.”
They have five boys already, but are expecting a baby girl this time.

So why travel all this way to have a baby, you may be thinking…

In the state of South Carolina, a midwife could lose her license for assisting a VBAC, and so they decided to visit on The Farm, located in Summertown, TN.

After patiently waiting for over a week past her due date, Maeve finally arrived!

Here’s a photo of this little beauty enjoying much needed rest on daddy’s chest.


Thank you Levi. We appreciate the time we had coworking with you here at [mc]. Safe travels and take care.

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